Diagnosing The Allergies: Concrete Proofs

Allergies are reactions to otherwise harmless foreign factors by the immune system. The symptoms themselves are strong hints about a person’s suffering. However, there are some cases that require various tests to be performed to determine the kind and reason of the allergy. These diagnostic tests depend on the type of the allergy.

People with atopic dermatitis face unavailability of diagnostic tests for the same. However, they should go for skin tests that are performed to check allergies against aero-allergens, like moulds, pollens, pet dander, dust mites etc. another category of tests involve food allergens. After being diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, the patient ought to keep distance wit the allergens.

The food allergies are diagnosed based on typical symptoms occurring on eating of a specific food. The tests performed include both skin and blood tests. The blood tests are not very reliable individually but are excellent to confirm the result of the skin tests. This is specially a case a\for the children as they might show a positive result in the skin tests even if no allergy is there.

The nasal allergies can be diagnosed just by the appearing symptoms and a physical exam. Positive allergy tests confirm the allergic rhinitis; a negative result suggests a non-allergic rhinitis. This kind of allergy too can be diagnosed by skin and blood tests. However the former is preferred.
Spirometry is the test for confirming asthma. This technique may show a particular pattern in a person, making the diagnosis more concrete. Usually, like other allergies,  asthma too is quiet clearly diagnosed by the symptoms; however, it is always better to confirm using tests. For further confirmation, the physician might do some more tests including Bronchoprovocation, and measuring the inflammation in exhaled air, blood, sputum and urine.

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