What is Ambulatory blood pressure?

The system of Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is about measuring the blood pressure at regular intervals and this is continued throughout the night and day. There are several observed benefits of Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and one of them is obviously reduction in the white coat hypertension problem. This process is also applied when an individual is sleeping and this is how it is found out whether the individual is a non-dipper or a dipper. This means that the Ambulatory blood pressure monitors help to find if the blood pressure level falls in the night compared to the daytime or not. The fall of pressure at night indicates several factors like marital status, age, social networks etc of a person. There are several examples that the problems like damages of end organs can be detected by the Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring more effectively compared to the regular procedures of monitoring BP

The ‘non-invasive Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring’ aids in estimating the variability of blood pressure. There are other advantages of Ambulatory blood pressure monitors as well which are clinically proved. There are further studies and researches going on to bring improvement and advancement in the Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring process.

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