What are the risks associated with using antidepressants during Pregnancy?

Antidepressant is essential to treat depression. It can save from depression symptoms and keep one stay happy. However, when it comes to pregnant women, it can have a vital effect on the child.

It has been thought that pregnancy hormones act as shield to depression in women. But latest research found that this is not the case. Pregnancy has no relation to depression, but it can stimulate certain emotions which can lead to depression.

It is very important to take proper care of depression during pregnancy. Otherwise the baby’s health might be posed with a greater risk. If a woman is depressed, she will not have the willingness to eat energetic foods necessary for the essential development of the child. The woman might start drinking alcohol or smoking. The consequences might cause severe damage to the development of the child which includes low weight of the baby, giving birth at an early stage and might increases the risk of postpartum depression.

To conclude, the risks associated with taking medications for depression is much lower than those without medicine. However, only few medicines has been approved to have risk free for the development of the child, while others do have at least a few risk factors in the development of the baby.

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