What is Anxiety Sleep Disorder?

Anxiety sleep disorder is frequently seen in people. Stress is the main cause of the anxiety sleep disorder.  People facing this sleep disorder sleep order may often wake up frequently at night and unable to fall asleep.  Due to this level of stress which is caused by panic and worry, their mind is always disturbed which distracts them to fall asleep. Some common symptoms of anxiety sleep disorder are nausea, extreme sweating and harsh breathing.

anxiety sleep disorder

The main cure for this sleep disorder is to reduce the level of stress. It can be done by variety of ways.  Changing sleeping habits and lifestyle is essential to cure this sleep disorder. Some people take medications to cure anxiety sleep disorder. Others meditate to calm down their worried minds. Further popular treatments are reading, listening to music and taking a regular massage. Aerobic and breathing exercise can also help to loosen up a disturbed mind.  Beside, many people note down their worries to clear their minds before going to bed. However, it is best to take help of a physician when the patient’s condition becomes out of control.

Stress is one of the main causes of sleep disorder occurs but there can be other causes too.   It is best to consult with a doctor who will know what is keeping the patients awake all night.

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