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Aspirin is the derivative of salicylic acid is used for its analgesic activity mainly; also provide moderate antipyretic effect with lower anti inflammatory effect. Another effect that inhibits the production of thromboxane. Adverse reaction and contra indication are observed in some individuals who are prescribed to use aspirin. The symptoms including eczema, itch and runny nose, stuffy ears, etc occurs in common which turns to more serious form like anaphylaxis including rapid pulse, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, drop in blood pressure and so on.

Once the patient reports any or some of the symptoms after intake of aspirin, they are prone to be treated immediately by the doctor. If not happens, the condition will go worsen and ends even in the death of the patient.

Treatment to aspirin allergy:

Avoiding aspirin medication through prescription by initial notification to the physician. Also reducing the self medication, for headaches, fever, cough, etc; this contains aspirin as one of its composition or the main component. Since, aspirin is salicylate derivative and also which is the cause of the allergy that inversely leads to prevent intake of food stuff containing salicylates, benzoates and azo dyes as these are used as preservatives. Some of the food and fruits containing salicylate derivative are apricots, grapes, berries, oranges, tooth pastes, chewing gums, etc. apart from this, an increased amount of vitamin C is added as supplement in excess in the daily diet or intake by means of medicines.

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