What is Auscultatory method of taking blood pressure?

The blood pressure level of an individual depends on the combined measurement of the systolic and diastolic pressure. There are several ways to measure one’s blood pressure and when it comes to digital measurement, there are two different methods. Auscultatory method is a digital process in which two instruments are used which are sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. While measuring the blood pressure, the inflatable cuffs are placed round the upper portion of the arm at the same height to the heart. These cuffs are attached with mercury. It is possible to inflate the cuff manually by squeezing the rubber bulbs again and again in order to occlude the artery completely. Gradually the cuff’s pressure is released and the blood starts flowing once again and it makes a pounding sound inside the heart at that moment.

The measured pressure is called systolic pressure and with further reduction on the cuff pressure the diastolic pressure is measured. The accurate blood pressure is measured with the combined calculation of both these pressures. This is the entire process followed while taking blood pressure measurement in Auscultatory method. In fact this is the much commonly practiced method by most physicians and health professionals.  

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