Why Bad Breath?

Today bad breath is a common problem with most of the people in the world. The problem is also otherwise known as halitosis. The problem is revealed when one has to address something to a person who is sitting or standing very close to him or her. The occasion is a very embarrassing one where one has to feel ashamed of his conduct and mostly leads in a low feeling. But however, the problem of bad breath can be easily resolved by simple steps that cater the needs of a person in removing it, but one should have a clear idea about what are the actual causes of bad breath, in order to avoid in future.

Bad breath is caused by a number of elements which includes consumption of odor producing bacteria which reacts and emits a foul smell from the mouth of the person speaking. These types of odor producing bacteria are a result of gradual growth that takes place in the mouth with the left over bits of food.
Another instance can be in form of consumption of certain specific type of food such as Onion and Garlic which contain oils that are pungent in nature and the emission takes place whenever the person opens his mouth to speak. Foul smell is mainly a result of sulfur compounds which are released by the bacteria which generate in the mouth.

Added to it, smoking is also an especial area which increases the problem of bad breaths and further increases the problems of an individual.

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