Birth control with no hormones

There are several Birth control options that do not contain hormones. The reason for opting birth control without hormones can be due to its side effects. Some of the options that help in achieving the same results as with hormones are as follows:
Barrier methods: this option includes condoms for both males and females or cervical caps and diaphragms. They help in preventing pregnancy by stopping the sperm from entering into the cervix. The possibility that this method might fail is 10-15 percent.

Rhythm: in this method, abstinence is practiced when the fertile time is high in females. The woman’s ovulation cycle is planned and sex is performed accordingly. The chances of this option to not work are 20%. 

Withdrawal: this works by taking the penis back from the vagina before he ejaculates sperms. In this way, the sperms are prevented from entering the cervix.

Sterilization: either the male or the female undergoes surgery wherein vas deferens of men is cut or fallopian tube of female is cut. After undergoing this surgery, there is no chance of getting pregnant. It is one of the most effective birth control options without hormones.

Spermicide: this is not very effective method as the failure rate is 20-50%. It comes in the form of cream, gel, suppository or foam that kills the sperm when it enters the vagina.

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