Can the birth control pill fail

In today’s world there are various birth control options available in the market including men’s birth control pills. Oral contraceptives, lotions, men and women condoms and jellies can be used; but none gives 100% guarantee. Each has their own side effects and failures. There are various reasons for the failure of the birth control pills. It is difficult o jolt all of them at one place. Some of the very basic may include:

Illness or supplementary medications:  the effectiveness of the birth control pills may decrease due to the supplements consumed during illness. The contact between the supplements and birth control pills can sometimes cause the changes in hormone level in the blood and unplanned pregnancy.

Changing the birth control methods:  it is very important to consult a right person or if needed a consultant before selecting any birth control method. This might unnecessary cause you any side effects. Constantly changing your birth control method may lead to unintentional pregnancy. You should be aware that if you are unable to take the pill for more than seven days after the last active birth control pill, you should use a back up contraception for the first seven days of consuming the new birth control pills.

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