Breast Cancer: Understanding and Treatment

There are many kinds of cancer, and one of the common cancer among women is the breast cancer. The second leading cause of death from cancer is the breast cancer that most women suffer today. It was known in Singapore that almost every 1 in every 20 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The Chinese women are have a higher risk in getting a breast cancer than Malay and Indian by about 10- 20%.

The factors that trigger this cancer are unknown. It might be from a family which has a history for breast cancer, the early menarche or some other possible risk factors. It is difficult to determine and any one can be at risk for this, especially when you reach the age of 40 and above. Though the factors in having a breast cancer is not known, a complete cure for this is possible through early detection and a regular breast checks.

Treatment options and the chance of recovery depend on the cancer stage, it might be in the breast only or it has already spread to other places of the body.

To remove the cancer from the breast most prefer to undergo a surgery. The forms of injury include the Breast- conserving surgery or Lumpectomy which is the removal of the cancer, and the surrounding tissue in a small amount; the other one is the Mastectomy which is the removal of the whole breast, or without lymph nodes right under the axilla.

Other treatment for breast cancer includes radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or hormonal therapy to have an improve chances for recovery.

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