What is the Cause Cardiac Asthma?

Cardiac asthma is not the type of medical condition that an individual normally thinks of when the term ‘asthma’ is used. Cardiac asthma is a term that is used to describe the wheezing that occurs in individuals that are suffering heart failure. This is a serious condition that is caused when blockage occurs in the individual’s pulmonary circulation system. When a person is having a heart attack, breathing can become very hard because of fluid and various other substances that block the lung’s air passages. This is generally when individuals will experience symptoms that are similar to those that an asthmatic experience during a regular heart attack, and would include wheezing and excessive coughing. Heart failure can occur as this condition becomes worse. This is because there is a reduction in the circulation of blood in the individual’s lungs. The treatment for cardiac asthma is much different than regular asthma.

The most common form of treatment that is used to treat this type condition would involve prescription medications that help to reduce the amount of congestion that is caused from substances in the airways, and medications that can help to reduce the amount of coughing the individual is experiencing.

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