What causes Psoriasis

One major reason for Psoriasis has been identified as gene mutation. When mutation in genes occurs they encourage immune system to work against the health of the skin. But this is only one among the so many Psoriasis causes.  It is also suspected that for different types, Psoriasis causes are different.

An injury can be a Psoriasis cause. It is noted that if skin gets some injury, it may develop into Psoriasis within weeks.  The wounds formed while certain types of clothes get tightly rubbed repeatedly in certain parts and sun burns may develop as Psoriasis causes.  Here we can see that weather also is a Psoriasis cause as sun burn happening in summer is leading to Psoriasis.
One another major Psoriasis cause is stress. It has already been concluded from concrete observations that stress lead to skin diseases like Psoriasis. But yet it is not revealed how it is happening and so many researches are going on in this direction.

Infection is one another thing which creates Psoriasis. Virus or bacterial infection may lead to this disease. It is also noted that these sorts of infections make the disease worse soon. Treatment also may be very difficult in such situations.

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