Chance of vasectomy failure

Vasectomy, though very reliable does carry with it a risk of failure, however small. There occurs one failure for every two thousand vasectomies. Most failures occur during the first few weeks of vasectomy while its safety is not yet confirmed. Therefore it becomes imperative to ensure that your vasectomy is safe. This is done by testing the ejaculate for any sperms in it.

If sperms are found in the testing samples even after three months of surgery, another surgery has to be considered. One must wait for at least 30 to 40 ejaculations before proceeding with unprotected intercourse. Failure may also occur after years following the surgery. These are very rare. Pregnancy might happen after such a long period of time because sometimes recanalization occurs.

Recanalization means the joining together of the two separated ends of the vas deferens. It might happen due to the relative positioning of the two ends inside the scrotum.  Recanalization may also happen immediately after the operation due to the combination of white blood cells, sperm granuloma and scar tissue, thereby creating a new channel between the two separate ends which then become connected. Only regular checkups, say once in a year, can ensure complete safety from failures.

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