Chemotherapy | Treating Cancer With Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a term associated with the cancer treatment, by using chemicals and antineoplastic drug. Usually cancer cells grow and divide very fast. Chemotherapy works by attacking the cancer cells and stopping them from growing further. Most of the people suffering from cancer are treated with chemotherapy. It provides a healthy treatment of the disease and helps the patient to lead a normal life.

Chemotherapy is the process, where the cancer cells get killed and their further growth is restricted. It is either injected into the veins of the patients or given in the form of pills. There is a variation among every drug provided to the patients. This is because growth of some cancer cells are quick while some are slower and the drug requirement is different in both the cases. Though the results are positive in most of the cases, however, while applying it to the cancer cells, some of the normal growing cells also get affected, which in turn causes damage of blood cells and hair loss.

The plan designed for cancer treatment, by the doctors for every individual patient depends on the stage of advancement of the disease. Different patient reacts in different ways to the treatment. Applying chemotherapy can be interrupted due to low count of white blood cells. Hence, a proper schedule is maintained by the doctors for treating the same. Chemotherapy requires the patients to be capable of undergoing the treatment.

The long term effect of chemotherapy is that the patient’s immune system becomes very weak and they stops responding to nutrition. People are often found afraid of chemotherapy, due to its side effects, like low count of red and white blood cells, hair loss, vomiting, nausea and fatigue. However, side effect management is possible this days and chemotherapy can be considered as a process with the best outcome.

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