Facts Revealed about Cholesterol Testing

A cholesterol test helps in assessment of the levels of cholesterol in the blood so that potential risks of getting heart attacks or other health risks can be diagnosed.
It is recommended that cholesterol levels must be tested at regular intervals. With age the chances of high blood cholesterol rises which can be fatal health condition. Coronary diseases can occur when LDL or low lipoproteins are in excess in the blood.

A cholesterol test is an effective indicator of LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol) and total cholesterol. A simple blood test is there for this. If the readings are:

Cholesterol level of 200 mg or lesser: Minimal coronary disease risk

Cholesterol level between 200 to 240 mg: Borderline to high risk

And if this level exceeds 240 mg then this is the case of high risk.

In case of minimal and moderate risk the food pattern modification and lifestyle modification can bring in some amount of improvement in the levels of cholesterol. But in case of high risk, there will be use of drug therapy to bring down the levels of cholesterol. People who are already the patients of cholesterol must take this test every 2-3 months. And in case of others it must be a part of routine body check up and tests.  

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