How Clonidine can help people stop smoking

Countless people plan to stop the unhealthy habit of smoking, and many people have found that Clonidine is a prescription drug that can offer helpful advantages in successfully being able to achieve this wise goal. There are many different health conditions that this particular prescription medication is used to treat, and it has also proven to provide patients with benefits that help them obtain their goal to kick the addictive habit of nicotine.

The overwhelming cravings that many people who choose to stop smoking can experience become less bothersome when this medicine is used. It also gives patients the help they need to be able to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal that are commonly experienced when the body suddenly stops receiving the nicotine that it is used to having. This is a medicine that can also be used as a form of treatment for addiction withdrawals that are associated with a dependence that has been formed by the patient to alcohol or narcotics. Some of the most common side effects experienced when using this drug would include dry mouth, dizziness, constipation, lightheadedness, and drowsiness.

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