Congenital heart disease medication

Congenital heart disease requires medications until they are treated completely. Medications should be selected depending of the type of defect and the size of defect. Complex cyanotic heart defects typically require treatment through medicines other than acyanotic heart defects. Children having huge defects can have symptoms of heart failure. This requires medicines to cure. Medicines used to take care of congenital heart disease are quite strong and can be much hazardous if not consumed in the right manner. Before consuming any medications it is recommended to ask a doctor its safety measures. There are several medicines available in the market but not all are suitable to you.

It is suggested to avoid such medicines for a long time. There are many cases where if the case is severe they have to be continued for a long time. It can be avoided by reducing the quantity of extra fluid in the body, by raising the amount of the heartbeats which can be done by cardiac glycosides; with vasodilators you can enlarge your blood vessels. By the use of antiarrhythmics you can control the amount of irregular heartbeats. With antibiotics you can prevent endocarditis. With prostaglandin inhibitors you can improve the blood flow to the lungs.

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