Atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure

Atrial fibrillation and heart failure are normally seen together in the patient. Presence of one creates the possibilities of the occurrence of the other too. The major risk factors that are responsible for atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure are age factor as well as hypertension or high blood pressure and valve diseases. Apart from this the causes may be genetic as well as presence of other medical conditions. Some of the common mechanisms that are seen in both these medical conditions are dysregulation of intracellular calcium, myocardial fibrosis and neuroendocrine function. 
In order to treat this heath condition, there is requirement of the medical treatments like: 

  • Beta blockers
  • Digoxin
  • Angiotensin receptor blockers
  • Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors 

With these treatments there can be benefit in the conditions of both these disorders. With the advancement in the field of pacemaker any other medical therapies, there is benefit in the condition of the patient having atrial fibrillation. Even cardiac resynchronization therapy is found to be beneficial. Some other beneficial advanced therapies include defibrillator therapy, investigational biological therapy and cell and gene therapy. Thus, it is clear that with the availability of so many advanced treatments, there is a sigh of relief for the patients of atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure too.  

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