Can Contact Lenses be prescribed to clear Distance and near vision?

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. It is extremely important for us to take proper care of eyes. People suffering from short or long sightedness generally tend to ask the question “Can contact lens correct their vision?”.  Most of the doctors recommend the use of contact lenses for correcting these vision problems. According to a survey the major sufferers of short or long sightedness are the people belonging to the age group 40-60. At this age the people experience a gradual decrease in their ability to view small prints, or far off objects. Most of them even face problem in identifying people from a distance. A condition called as presbyopia also leads to similar problems in the patient. To overcome this most doctors resort to monovision. This is a technique in which the doctor under prescribes the eye which is non-dominant. This helps the patients to overcome the affects of presbyopia, if they are contact lens users. So the answer to the question “can contact lens correct vision?’ is a yes. However recently there has been a lot of advancement in the field of eyes. A large number of innovative contact lens has come up. Some of the examples in this regard are the RGP bifocal contact lens, the progressive contact lens and the soft contact lenses. Can contact lens of these types be effective is no longer a question. These contact lenses are very effective and reliable and can help you to overcome most of your problems related to incorrect vision. A new category of contact lens called us “multifocal contact lens” is also helpful in this regard. They allow you to experience young eyes. So you should not be confused that “can contact lens help you?”.

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