How Serious Is Cryptococcosis?

Cryptococcosis is a potentially serious and deadly fungal disease. It is triggered by the members grouped under the species, Cryptococcus neoformans. This group is known to cause life threatening diseases among humans. It comprises of three main deadly species- C.neoformans v. neoformans, C.neoformans v. grubii and C.neoformans v. gattii.

The disease, Cryptococcosis, is known to be caused by the inhalation of polluted propagule or spores replete in the environment. It has been proven that the excretions of birds, especially of pigeons are the main preserve of harmful spores. These spores do not cause any harm to the birds as their body temperature is relatively higher than humans which creates an un-futile environment for these micro-organisms to thrive. This disease is often referred to an opportunistic infection that hampers the functioning of the immune system and makes the person more vulnerable to inflicting severe diseases. In fact, it is observed that people suffering from AIDS are at a greater risk of having this disease. This disease can manifest in mild as well as severe forms among humans.

The mild symptoms of this infection are chest pain, fatigue, fever, swelling in the abdomen, dry cough, headache, confusion and blurred vision. In serious cases, it may trigger serious disorders in the central nervous system.

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