Different Cultures and Information on Depression

There have been many different studies and research projects that have been conducted concerning the condition of depression and its occurrence in various cultures. Some of the studies that have been performed have shown a wide range of varying levels of impact that depression may have on individuals of different cultures. These findings greatly affect the numbers of individuals that it indicates are suffering from this type of medical condition. The rate of men that suffer from depression is half that of Hispanic women and African American women. Other studies provide information that shows there is a higher diagnosis level of dysthymia and major depression in Hispanic, and a lower diagnosis level for these conditions in African American individuals, than what occurs in women that are Caucasian. One reason for this may be because of the difference in which symptoms are conveyed to physicians in cultures of minority.

Because of the differences that women of different backgrounds in culture may have very different views on how symptoms of depression are perceived, it is recommended that this fact be taken into careful consideration when physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists are offering a diagnosis and treatment plan to women of different cultures.

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