What Is Cutaneous Candidiasis?

Within a normal person’s body there are various microorganisms that include fungi and also bacteria. Among these microorganism there are some that tend to be useful to our bodies, some that benefit us, while others tend to lead to a harmful infection.

Most of the fungal infections that can be caused by those microscopic fungi or organisms, generally live on your skin. They also live on dead tissues on your nails, outer layer of your skin, or hair. These fungal infections also include a yeast type fungi and moldy type fungi.

The cutaneous candidiasis is an infection of your skin including candida. It can occur on any surface of your skin throughout your body, but generally occurs where it is moist and warm in the creases. Cutaneous candidiasis is not uncommon. 

In infants, candida is the number one cause of them getting diaper rash. The candida increases due to the moist, warm area of the diapers. 

This type of infection is a lot more common in a diabetic or a person that is obese. A person that is taking an oral contraceptive or antibiotics is increasing their risk of having cutaneous candidiasis. 

Candida is very common and is the main cause of a vaginal yeast infection

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