Cutaneous candidiasis tests

Cutaneous candidiasis is basically a fungal infection which usually affects skin. It is also known as Yeast infection /Intertriginous candidiasis. Cutaneous Candidiasis is the infection that occurs on the skin with candida fungus. If you are having cutaneous candidiasis, your skin will be infected with the candida fungi. Any part of the body may get affected by it, but it generally takes place in warm, moist and creased areas like the armpits or groin. The fungus named Candida albicans is one of the main cause of cutaneous candidiasis. The infection can occur in any part of our body, but most often it occurs in warm, moist body parts such as armpits and groin; in infants, this disorder is generally caused by diaper rash. The infection is also commonly seen in diabetic patients and who are more obese.

Oral contraceptive pills and antibiotics augment the cause of the infection. It can also affect the corners of our mouth and the nails. It is also most common trigger leading to vaginal yeast infection and is associated with over use of antibiotics. It is very important to maintain good health and hygiene in order to prevent cutaneous candidiasis infections. 

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