Know and Understand the Difference Between the Daily Wear and Extended Wear Eye Lenses

Eyes are, undoubtedly, the most precious gift from the God which enables every living being to see the wonderful world created by Him. However, these precious gifts are affected by different types of diseases and they lose their vision considerably. It is then the people need to increase the lost power with the help of artificial techniques. Glasses and lenses are the most common implements with which the eyesight is increased artificially.

These lenses are categorized into two categories, namely- daily wear and extended wear. The daily wear lenses are made for everyday use. These lenses are made with special techniques and the users are required to remove these daily wear contact lenses before going to be every day. These special daily wear lenses are very sophisticated and are required to keep immersed into a medicated liquid. This liquid keeps the daily wear lenses moist and soft. Since these lenses remain inside the most sophisticated organ of the human body, therefore the maintenance of hygiene is extremely important. These contact lenses are less costly than the extended wear lenses. It is necessary to change these contact lenses after a certain period of time or as directed by the attending ophthalmologist. 

On the other hand, the extended wear contact lenses are more sophisticated and are designed for constant use. The users are not even required to remove them before going to bed every day. The utility of extended wear lenses increases manifold by the fact that they allow oxygen to reach cornea and increase the eyesight automatically. However, the doctors and expert ophthalmologists advice the users to remove these extended wear lenses once in 24 hours and get it cleaned to finish any probability of getting them infected or dirty.

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