Dairy Allergy | Milk the Growth Builder – A Rare Problematic

Human secretion and animal secretion are the two types of milk. Of these animal secreting is known as dairy products. Generally, milk is the indigenous food all over the world, for each and every one in the world, because of the protein content present in plenty. Milk finds its multipurpose usage for making curd, cheese, butter, ghee, etc. These are prepared by proper fermentation of the protein casein by concerned enzyme, lactase.

 Once the milk is left to sour the casein is separated to a grip product leaving behind the watery fluid called whey. The proportion of casein and whey in the milk is 80% and 20% respectively. Harder the cheese being the more the content of the casein. Whereas the whey fluid contain two allergenic proteins such as alpha- lactalbumin and beta-lactaglobulin which are reported to cause dairy allergy. Black eyes, bloating or abdominal cramps, watery or itchy eyes, nasal congestion, reddish ear lobes or glazed look in the eyes are some of the indications. Some shows anaphylactic shock, wet-bedding, lethargy and inattentiveness, besides.

ELISA food allergy panel is done to test whether the individual is prone to have dairy allergy. It is a blood test which gives a thorough knowledge about the extent of the allergy. Also available with the RAST test or skin tests which are helpful in detecting other allergies apart from dairy allergy.

Avoidance of allergen and symptomatic allergy are the two steps involved in treating the allergic reaction. Besides, epinephrine medication is recommended in which the parents and children are trained about when and how to administer the medicine.

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