Is Dandruff a Fungal Infection?

Dandruff is a fungal infection that is caused from having to much of the micro-organism Pityrosporum ovale. This micro-organism is a fungus that is like a yeast fungus.

Most patients believe that dandruff is dry scalp and this is actually a common mistake. A lot of patients do not know the symptoms of dandruff and that is why patients treat it themselves. When this mistake is made it can cause treatments that are inappropriate and might cause a delay with getting rid of the dandruff. People from the age of puberty all the way to 40 and above can experience dandruff.

study shows that over 63 million people in America struggle with this or either have had problems in the past. Half of that million, 12.4 million, have seborrheic dermatitis which is a severe case of dandruff that causes problems with the skin and scalp.

A lot of patients are very self-conscious when dandruff is present and try hard to find ways to reduce the problem without going to the doctor. When patients go to the doctor proper treatment can be done and the healing of dandruff can begin.

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