What is Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome?

Delayed sleep phase syndrome occurs when there is no balance between a patient’s internal body systems with his or her external environment.   It is a very persistent sleep disorder associated with circadian rhythm which is related to activities that occur in a body during a twenty four hour cycle.  Some of its common symptoms are inability to fall and wake up at desired time. Patients facing DSPS may have normal sleeping needs but they don’t feel asleep until later at night and have difficulty waking up in the morning. Therefore, these people are often referred to as night owls as they function best at night.  However unlike people who are insomniac,   they have a schedule at which they everyday fall and wake up from sleep. Therefore, patients experiencing DSPS may get plentiful sleep but their sleep-wake tends differs from normal ones

Delayed Sleep

People experiencing this sleep order have difficulty in maintaining a normal daily life and some of them face extreme difficulty in waking up in the morning to go to work or attend classes. The causes of this sleep disorder are still unknown but it is assumed to be connected with a disorder in a person’s biological clock. There is no permanent cure for Delayed Sleep-Phase Syndrome but various medications and light therapy are available for its treatment.

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