The Issue of Dental Caries

Dental caries is nothing but merely a sign of ignorance of a person towards his teeth. Dental caries is also known by the name of tooth decay or cavity. The former is a result of adverse reactions caused by the bacteria that damages and destroys the basic tissues and bones that support the tooth. Dental caries can be of various types such as pit and fissure caries which occurs in the pits of the tooth, smooth surface caries which occurs in the adjacent of teeth and on smoother surface. Etiology is another type of dental caries which occurs on the side areas of the tooth, leaving it infected and infected side turns to color brown. There are also signs of pain and discomfort in this regard.

The cause of dental caries is mainly as a result of bacterial infection which results by way of generation of bacteria and the mouth of an individual. The bits of food that remains stuck in the teeth or gums of an individual after his meal acts a perfect growth area for bacteria which disposes toxic ingredients that makes the tissues and the bone which supports a tooth weaker. Another reason can also be as a result of smoking where tobacco acts as a damaging agent. There are various ways to control dental caries but the best way to control it would be by way of acting in accordance with the suggestion os a dentist. Problems are always present, but a little precaution can always reduce the burden of such problems. 

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