Famous Procedure of Dental Filling Around the Worldes

In our 21st century, 96% person all over the world suffers from certain harmful diseases. These diseases happen suddenly or sometimes it increases when neglected. Teeth problems are one of the major problems that harass the person if not cured at proper time. Teeth problems, mainly tooth decay and fillings, frustrate the person by the pain if not cured properly or in proper time. A dental filling is the process to restore the function and integrity of missing tooth structure. It is classified into two major categories namely direct restoration and indirect restorations.

Dental filling is performed by the above methods. In Direct restoration, before the material applied sets hard, placing of soft filling on prepared tooth is done. In this single procedure tooth is set quickly and this is an advantage of direct restoration of dental filling. An indirect restoration is the process of restoration outside the mouth through dental impressions of the prepared tooth. It is a process that is usually done in two separate visits to the dentist. Dental restorations require some materials like metals and precious metallic alloys like gold, gold alloys, gold-platinum alloy, titanium; tooth colored, composite resin, porcelain, etc.

Maximum number of professional dentists use only above mentioned process for dental filling and also use the mentioned materials too. Dentists make the teeth shine bright and heal all the tooth problems so that the patient cannot suffer from any tooth problem and can smile happily and expose their teeth as much as they want to.

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