Is it normal to experience depression when you are suffering pain?

One of the most common emotional disorders that individuals suffer from when they are suffering from any type of chronic pain is the condition that is known as depression. It is very common for an individual’s state of mind, mood, and thought patterns to be affected by the pain that they are experiencing, and this is especially true if the pain is chronic or severe. Often times individuals that experience pain that is acute develop a dependency on the pain medications that they are taking. This is, in turn, a problem that will often lead to immobility, socializing that becomes restricted, and isolation.

The result of this type of situation can quickly end up in patients who develop the condition of depression. Sadly, pain and depression often turn into a vicious cycle, where the pain ends up causing depression, and the depression ends up intensifying the pain. Some disorders of depression that numerous studies of research have linked to individuals suffering from chronic pain include mild depression, low-grade atypical depression, and dysthymia. Anti-depressants like Elavil, Xanax, and Prozac are prescription medications that are often prescribed to patients that are suffering from chronic pain and various types of disorders of depression.

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