Diabetes and high blood pressure

Diabetes creates many complications for the patient’s immunity. But, development of high blood pressure in a diabetic person adds to the complications and makes them worse. In diabetics who have hypertension kidney problems and eye problems are very common. According to the current statistics 60 percent of people with diabetes also have high blood pressure. Another important point that is worth noting is that patients having diabetes have higher chance of developing high blood pressure. The reason for this is, hardening of arteries. Such a health condition may even lead atherosclerosis. And this in turn can cause high blood pressure. It is therefore important to control diabetes to avoid further health complications. High blood pressure is chronic from the longer perspective because, as compared to normal beings, patients of high blood pressure have higher risk of cardiac arrests, stroke, kidney failures, blood vessel damage and heart attacks.

It is important for a person to have a normal range of blood pressure and that is 130/80. This range must not be crossed. Managing blood pressure is as important as managing blood sugar levels in diabetes. And for diabetics, this is a strict recommendation that, blood pressure must be in normal range, to avoid health complications.  

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