5 fatal diabetes symptoms

Diabetes is a disease which is caused due to the abnormal levels of sugar in the blood. This sugar is present in the form of glucose needed by the body cells for energy. Following are the various symptoms that can occur during a diabetic condition and must not be ignored as they can prove to be fatal:

Symptom 1 – Increase in the normal urine output.  Frequent urination is a very common diabetic symptom. This eventually leads to a condition where the body becomes dehydrated and thus causes thirst.

Symptom 2 – Increased hunger is another diabetes symptom. If it feels that the food intake is not sufficient enough and one is not able to satisfy hunger, it’s time to get your blood sugar checked.

Symptom 3 – Loss in body weight is a very evident diabetic symptom and should never be ignored. There can be a constant loss in body weight even if you are taking a full diet.

Symptom 4 – Blurred vision is another major diabetic symptom. This inability to see clearly with or without glasses can be caused as the lens of the eye shrinks or swells up due to the fluctuating glucose level in blood. This results in inaccurate focus as the eye cannot adjust quickly to the changing line of vision.

Symptom 5 – Non-healing of wounds, skin conditions, itchiness and infections no matter how hard you try is yet another diabetes symptom. This primarily happens as the white blood cells present in the blood to fight against infections and help healing process become inefficient due to high glucose level in blood.

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