How important is sleep in maintaining good diabetic health?

As well as being a process of energizing and warding off diseases a good night’s sleep is vital to maintain proper diabetic health.

Less hours of sleep usually pinpoints towards the deterioration of diabetic state. Recent researches say that if an average adult sleeps less then the maximum eight hours per night he or she is 2 ½ times more expected to have diabetes then those who sleep the average seven or eight hours.

More surveys state that if a moderately fit person who sleeps less then 5 hours for a whole week, his insulin and blood sugar levels equal to those who are in the mounting state of diabetes. If one is already suffering from diabetes sleep deprivation further causes fluctuations in blood sugar levels. This could be because less sleep boosts insulin resistance which causes diabetes. Sleep deprivation also causes disturbance in the pattern of rises and falls of blood sugar levels which operate during sleep.

How important is sleep in maintaining good diabetic health?

In addition, sleeping helps create more cytokines which are defensive hormones that helps regulate the immune system and fight infections.

A proper maintenance of daily lifestyle choices will also help along with getting proper sleep. One should exercise regularly, follow a strict bedtime routine, avoid caffeine and do whatever it takes to help improve diabetic health.

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