Methods your doctor can use to diagnose pain?

Diagnosing pain is a process that involves several different steps. First, he will want to ask questions that will give him the information he needs about specific symptoms that you have experienced over the past several days. He will also want to gain information about the intensity of the pain that you are experiencing, the duration, location, and any radiating pain that may be occurring.

After the above steps have been completed he will perform a thorough physical exam that can reveal any specific points of injury. This generally includes a check of your range of motion, noting positions that may offer relief and those that cause aggravation to your pain level. Often times your physician may need to perform further tests such as x-rays and lab tests. These are used to try to locate the root cause for the pain you are going through. Depending on the results of these tests, you may also be required to undergo further testing that can involve a CT scan, MRI, Electrodiagnostic tests, and a variety of others that are used to locate the exact areas of the body that are producing the pain. He may also prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

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