Do exercise machines actually work or are they are marketing scam? Yes and no, traditional machines, like the tredmil and spin bike are fantastic for weight loss. However, those silly machines that you see adversied on late night television are a complete and utter waste of time. I am going to cover a few reasons why you should avoid the use of late night tv machines.

The first reason, they do not give long term results. When you buy one the machines, get it deliveried to your front door and go through the hassel of setting it up – then finally use it, well it works amazingly. I bet you did not expect me to say that. Yes, the give fantastic results when you first use them, simply because the body is not used to the range of motion.

do late night exercise machines actually work?

However, your body has this fantastic ability to get use to the range of motion. The human body can adapt so very well to just about anything you put it through. Any way, after a few weeks, yes only a few weeks you won’t be getting the same result. In fact, if you’ve got a machine at home right now, I bet when you first started using it – your body was burning. Then when you used it again, afterwards, your body was not as sore. By the end of the month, even though you are using it more and more, your are not feeling it.

So yeah, they just do not offer long term results.

Another problem with them is their too targeted. A lot of these machines only work on a specific part of the body, in particular the abs. How many ab machine info-mercials have you seen over the years – there are so many, I have personally lost count. Not that I was really counting in the first place.

The problem with a machine that only targets one part of the body is that you’re over developing the muscles in that part of the body. Which can lead to muscle cramp and other muscle related issues. A good rule of thumb is, don’t work the same body too much (more then twice in one week).

In fact, if you are in the market for an exercise machine, then I strongly recommend you don’t buy one. Instead just get a gym membership or if you’re too shy for the gym, then start walking – around 1 hour of walking each day is all you really need if you want to achieve successful weight loss.

That brings me to my last point, price. A lot of these machines cost several hundred dollars and for that price you get a machine that does not offer long term results or a variety of body parts to be worked on. In fact, you may even need to buy several of them.

So yeah, get a gym membership for the following reasons:

  • More variety
  • Can make friends
  • change of scenary – sometimes this can help

Or if a gym membership is not for you, start walking or a weight loss diet. In fact, diet is about 70% of the battle to 100% you can easily get into shape by watching the foods that you consume.

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