Are there any drug interactions with taking Seasonique?

Yes, there are drug interactions with taking Seasonique. Seasonique (levonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiol) has the chances of interaction with several other medications. According to the available studies, nearly 430 medicines are said to interact with Seasonique. Out of that, 10 are major drug interactions, 282 are moderate ones and 138 are minor ones.  Some such Seasonique drug interactions are mentioned hereunder:

Use of antibiotics like amoxicillin reduces the effectiveness of Seasonique. Even the medicines used for seizures can react with Seasonique. These medicines are Carbamazepine, Felbamate, Lamotrigine, Oxcarbazepine Phenytoin, and Topiramate. Barbiturates medicines such as Amobarbital, Secobarbital, and Phenobarbital are also studied to react with Seasonique. Cyclosporine, Modafinil and Protease inhibitors also have drug interactions with Seasonique. According to the studies, very serious interactions are found when this medication is used along with aromatase inhibitors, sodium tetradecyl sulfate etc. If you are taking any antifungal medications or you are the patient of hypothyroidism and having the medications for the same, it is very important to inform your doctor.

It is therefore important to inform your doctor about the current medications, whether prescription or non-prescription that you are taking, before starting Seasonique. Certain drugs can reduce the effectiveness of this birth control pill and in such a case, the birth control may fail. And certain drug interactions can cause health complications.

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