What are the Symptoms of a Fungus Infection in the Ears?

Fungal infection in ears has no particular cause as such. If a person spends most of the time in humid and dirty environment there are chances that this person gets fungus infection in the ears. A person might get affected with any type of the fungus as mentioned below:

Aspergillus fumigatus
Aspergillus niger
Candida albicans
Candida tropicalis

Some of the symptoms that arise due to fungus infection in the ears are as follows:
Ear blockage: The person who has fungus infection in ears faces ear blockage and he is not able to hear properly. People also feel that there is ringing in ears.

Itching: Another common symptom of ear fungus infection is itching in the ears. There might be consistent feeling of itching.

Skin becomes scaly: The area around the ears and the ear skin itself becomes scaly.

Pus build up: There might be pus build up inside the ears.

When such symptoms are seen, it is vital to see an ENT doctor at the earliest. At the ENT specialist’s clinic, otoscope removes the block completely. The doctor might prescribe an anti fungal solution to apply on the ear. Apart from this certain home remedies like drops of garlic with olive oil, using hair dryer etc. can help out.

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