Ear Pain Remedy

Ear pain is a very common decease and can occur due to different reasons and it is a very irritating decease. It is common in children and adults and may be due to infection, tonsillitis, sinus infection mumps, tooth infection, etc. Ear can be effected due to the cold weather, very loud sound and traveling also. But the common causes of ear ache are impacted ear wax and ear infection. There are so many ear pain remedies which are useful for all ages. Out of them a few ear pain remedies are given below.

  • Just use a liquid pillow for relief. Take a hot water bag or a bottle and keep it wrapped in a towel, on the pillow. Hold the aching ear on that pillow when sleeping.

  • Mix water and white vinegar with equal amount and drop it into the ear through eyedropper with a cotton swab. This is an effective ear pain remedy.
  • Medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can reduce ear pain.
  • A best ear pain remedy is that drop some hydrogen peroxide in to the ear.
  • The ear pain which is caused by travelling thought airplanes can be controlled by chewing a gum or some sweet candy when flight is going to take off and at the time landing. The chewing activity will help the muscular movement and it will balance the pressure in ear.
  • Please hold a warm pressure against the place where pain is felt in the ear. Just dip a towel in hot water, then squeeze the water off and hold it on the ear. The heat getting from the towel will be giving a quick pain relief. It is also an ear pain remedy.

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