What are the Effects of Sleep Deprivation?

When a person suffers from sleep deprivation, it has a significant number of impacts on his everyday life. In fact, the more severe the magnitude of the sleep deprivation, the more pronounced the effects.

What are the Effects of Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation can have a very detrimental effect on one’s performance in everyday life. This is due to a lowered level of alertness, a diminished attention span and slowed reflexes. It also affects one’s judgmental skills, causing them to take poor decisions they may later regret. Memory is also affected by sleep deprivation, as well as one’s ability to concentrate. A sleep-deprived individual may tend to remain mentally fixated on certain thoughts without being able to move on to other ones. They also suffer from frequent mood swings and exhibit bad temper at the slightest annoyance. Their work efficiency is reduced, and they find it difficult to find motivation when doing things. They often forget simple things, and frequently make mistakes. Such individuals tend to doze off every now and then whenever they remain inactive for more than a few minutes.

In case of students, sleep deprivation can cause grades to slip dramatically (even if the deprivation is only a few hours long), and induce the manifestation of negative feelings about themselves and the society within their minds.

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