What are the Different Causes and the Types of Eye Infections and there Remedy?

Eye infection is of different types and is caused by a various number of reasons. The reasons of each type of eye infection should be known and a doctor should be consulted in case of any kind of severity. The main types of eye infections are that of conjunctivitis which are mainly caused by different micro organisms like that of bacteria, virus, and also some times by fungi. Eye infections mainly are recognized by the type of symptoms which prevails as all these different kind of conjunctivitis have some different kinds of symptoms. The most common cause of any type of eye infection is that of viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. These both types of eye infections are highly contagious in nature and a person suffering from these types of infections is advised not to share any types of belongings. All these types of infections are severely painful and are caused due to some of the foreign bodies often known as allergens.

Almost all the eye infections are quite painful and that are very irritating in nature with a watery like discharge. Some times the viral and the bacterial types of eye infections are very dangerous and lead to blurred vision and even loss of vision. They cause extreme pain in the eyes and most often affect some other organs of the body like that of the throat, ear etc. A good doctor should be consulted immediately in case of viral and bacterial infections.

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