Eye Pain | Its Various Causes and Remedial Measures

Eye is one f the most sensitive part of the body. It is very crucial for human beings because it causes in us the sense of vision. As it is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body so it is extremely important for us to take appropriate care of it. This article briefly describes the main causes of eye pain and the various precautions that you need to take with respect to your eyes. Basically the eye pain is of two type’s ocular pain and the orbital pain.

When the pain in the eye arises from the outer structure of the eye, then it is called as ocular pain. Ocular pain is a type of eye pain which starts from the outer surface of the eyes, whereas the pain arising from the inner part is called as orbital eye pain. A common problem related to the eye is conjunctivitis. This is the condition when eyes turn red and become swollen. The main cause behind conjunctivitis is reactions to allergies, chemicals or harmful substances like pollen grains etc. Conjunctiva is a very delicate membrane that lines the eyelid. Any kind of allergy makes this membrane to swell up and turn reddish in color. The pain associated with conjunctivitis is very mild in nature. However there are conditions like corneal abrasions which are more harmful and cause a lot of pain. One should protect one’s eyes from acids, alkaline substances because these can also lead to a lot of eye pain.

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