The Many Faces of Asthma

Asthma is one of the most common lung diseases seen in present day in people. The disease is classified as an inflammatory disorder which can be deadly if proper measure is not taken against it. The many faces of asthma exist in this world, with the most common ones being mild, moderate and severe. As the name suggest, the mild condition of asthma is not deadly and can be cured and kept in check if detected in a normal human being. These conditions of asthma are normally observed in infants and children and are curable. The condition involves the coming of asthma attacks to the patient. The many faces of asthma attacks involve shortness in breath (also known as breathlessness), increased frequency of breathing, the tightening of the chest and chronic wheezing. In addition to this, the other symptoms include frequent attacks and persistent attacks.

The many faces of asthma can be found in almost every profession in every walk of life. Even though some professions do have tendency to be inclined towards asthma induction, many others just happen to have asthma patients due to miscellaneous reasons. The many faces of asthma exist in professions like factory laborers and laborers in pollen fields etc. Asthma is also induced in patients due to heavy exercising or mechanical work, and thus patients must abstain from such activities. In addition to that, it has also been observed that the asthma patients are much more in urban areas than in rural. Thus, many faces of asthma also exist

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