Are you looking for a quick weight loss solution that will help you to get slim for a big event? It could be that you want to fit into a dress that you had purchased hoping to lose ten pounds, but you are not even halfway to accomplish this. In addition to diet pills and other products for weight loss, a seven day diet plan could be the ideal solution. How you can achieve fast weight loss with a seven day diet plan.

These diets are created to be followed for just for seven days with no less than fourteen days in between. For instance, the well-known cabbage soup diet has strict guidelines to be followed from day one to seven and is promising that you can lose roughly ten pounds in one week. If you return to a well-balanced diet after these seven days, then it’s reported that you can lose and keep off the weight.

fast weight loss with a seven day diet

What this diet entails

  • Day one: You would eat any kind fruit with the exception of bananas and drink any amount of cabbage soup. For drinks, you can have a lot of water, cranberry juice and unsweetened tea.
  • Day two: Try to eat as much vegetables as you can manage. Choose the raw or cooked leafy greens and avoid corn, peas and dry beans. You can drink as much cabbage soup as you can and have a baked potato for your evening meal.
  • Day three: This day can combine the things that you would have on the first two days, except for the baked potato.
  • Day four: Drink plenty of skim and eat as much bananas as you can, along with the soup. This day should help to lessen your cravings for sweet, so you should avoid other fruits and vegetables.
  • Day five: On this day, you can have some meat which could be either beef or chicken in servings of 10 to 20 ounces. Add as much as six fresh tomatoes along with one or more serving of the soup.
  • Day six: You can eat a lot of vegetables and beef as you want along with at least one serving of the cabbage soup. Broiled fish can be substituted for beef on one of these two days.
  • Day seven: You can eat brown rice along with unsweetened fruit juice. You can have as much as you want, but ensure that you have at least one serving of cabbage soup.

As you can see, this is a very simple way you to accomplish fast weight loss without working out for long hours at the gym. Just remember to return to a healthy diet and take essential supplements in order to keep off the weight.

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