What is a Female Condom?

A plastic pouch that is inserted into the vagina before having sex. It prevents pregnancy and also helps aid in the reduction of STD’s. This is one of the few birth control methods that does help in the prevention of STD’s.

The open end of the long plastic tube has a flexible tube that stays outside of the vagina. The closed end, also with a flexible tube stays inside the vagina. The condom is inserted just before intercourse. This condom can also be used in the same way in this anus.

The condom covers the vagina from the sperm. When a man ejaculates it catches the sperm, therefore not only reduces the risks of becoming pregnant but also aids in prevention of STD’s.

Five out of every 100 women get pregnant when using a condom correctly. To further make the risk even more minimal use a spermicide with it.

Any woman who uses tampons can use a female condom. They are safe to use and are also will help prevent you from getting a STD. It can be safely used in the vagina and the anus.

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