Finger Yoga | What is Finger Yoga

Yoga is a great technique of mediation that evolved 500 years back. The different yogic exercises have a lot of benefits to offer you. These exercises that form the yoga are called as “Asanas”. The asanas have a huge role to play. There are different kinds of asanas associated with different parts of the body. The different “asanas” make use of your physical agility. You may need to bend your body in various forms. This bending stimulates in you both physical as well as mental fitness. One of the various forms of yogic exercise is the finger yoga. Basically the finger yoga deals with those exercises which are one by the involvement of the fingers.

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The fingers have a crucial role to play in the body. It is said that they are very important for proper blood circulation. There are several kinds of exercise involving the finger. In most of the yogic postures a position called as finger locking position is followed. This activity of locking one’s fingers may sound funny but in fact it improves the overall blood flow to various parts of the body. In these finger yoga poses the palm are brought together. It involves the doer to join the fingers of his hands close to himself and very tightly. Finger yoga posture basically leads to the creation of a so called lock, when the roots of the fingers of the doer of finger yoga are knit together properly and form a knot.

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