Food allergy: Most effective medicinal drugs?

There are many drugs available for the treatment of food allergy and for relief from its symptoms. Drugs cannot be avoided as it is not easy to stay clear of the food allergens. So if one suffers from food allergy then he or she must make sure to see a doctor so that the suitable drugs can prescribed. The two most common drugs used in food allergy are epinephrine and desensitization drugs. Both are discussed in detail below:

  • Epinephrine is the most common drug used in food allergies and is especially useful if there is a systemic reaction. It is generally injected directly into the bloodstream and is usually delivered with Epi pen or Twinjet which are the two commonly used autoinjectors. If required, you may need more than one dose of the drug.

  • Desensitization drugs work on a different principle altogether and function by desensitizing the body to react with various allergens. The immune system can then no longer recognize the food allergens and thus a food allergy is prevented. These drugs take longer to show results but are generally considered as a goo treatment option for food allergies.


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