Benefits Amphotericin B Injections provide to Individuals with fungal Infections

There are times that certain types of fungus infections can become very serious, and there are even some infections that can become so severe that they can cause the individual to lose their life. An Amphotericin B Injection is the type of medication that goes directly to the problem and works to stop any further growth of the fungi. There are also some other treatments that this medication is used for. Some of these would include patients with cancer, HIV, or those who have had an organ transplant and have an immune system that is weak, and it is also used for the prevention of infections in people that have a low white blood cell count and high fever. There are several different side effects that you should be aware of that can occur with the use of this type of drug.

Some side effects that can occur would include breathing that is fast, fever, a shortness of breath, shaking, headache, the chills, vomiting, flushing, nausea, a loss in appetite, and dizziness. Contact your physician if you experience serious side effects like ringing in the ears, muscle or joint pain, changes of the vision, tiredness that is unusual, and others.

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