Fungal Nails or Something Else?

Not all nail related problems are Fungal Nail problems. Some of them might have other reasons. So it is necessary for you to know whether the problem you have is a fungal problem or something else to get the best cure. Some other problems often mistook as fungal nail problems are:

-Senile Nails: This is a age related problem in which the nails become brittle and the layers of nail split at the ends. It is not because of fungal infection. In such a condition use of cleansers should be avoided.

-Red Or Black Nails: This is caused due to formation of blood clot under the nail due to physical impact or trauma on the nail. It grows with the nail and can be trimmed off as it reaches the edge. Again this is also not a Fungal nail problem.

-Whitish or Yellow Nails: This condition arrives due to separation of the nail from the lower base layer. The colour is due to an air pocket formed.
-Lines and Ridges: This is a very common and normal problem. One of the main reasons of lines and ridges formation on the nail is due to nail bits. This problem can be a bit larger in pregnancy conditions but there is nothing to worry.

-Green Nails: This is due to bacterial growth under the nail where there is a gap between the nail and the nail bed. Thus, the greenish colour appears. This is again not a fungal infection but just bacterial growth.

-Swelling or Redness of the skin around the nail: This is caused due to inflammation of the skin under the nail and causes redness and irritation and piercing like pain. The skin is to be kept dry under this condition. This is also a bacterial infection and not a fungal growth.

These problems are often considered as fungal infection but they are actually not.

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