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When it comes to problems with mouth, the issue of gum disease cannot be ignored as it is one the most common ones that prevails among many people all over the world. Gum disease is also known as periodontal diseases in scientific term and includes two major categories, namely, Gingivitis and Periodontitis. Periodontal disease is a major issue in respect of gum disease and can also lead to loss of tooth if continued to be ignored. The literal interpretation of the word “periodontal” represents around the tooth, the same is a chronic bacterial infection which affects the bones and the gum which holds a tooth and as a result of degradation of such two key components, the result being a tooth loss.

A form of periodontal disease is Gingivitis. Gingivitis is less harmful sort f infection which does not cause any serious threats. It marks the beginning of gum problem as gums become swollen, bleedy and turn red in color, added to it, there is no serious problems associated at this stage. The former is caused mainly be carelessness of a person with respect to oral hygiene such as not brushing properly, etc. On the other hand, Periodontitis is the advanced version of Gingivitis which occurs when the gums are left untreated from the Gingivitis. At this stage, plaques can grow even below the gum line and produce toxics that break down the tissues and bone that support the teeth. Thus, these should be avoided and proper care of such shall be taken before its too late. 

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