What Types of Heart Disease do Children Get?

There are usually two types of heart disease in children. The first one is found at birth. It is called Congenial Heart defects. In not so severe cases can be fixed with surgeries. While other cases are so bad a heart transplant is needed at an early age and medication will have to be taken through out that child’s lifetime.
The other is found in most children who are obese. Teaching your child good nutrition, supplying them with a good vitamin supplement and encouraging exercise goes a long way

Signs of Heart Disease

    • Heart Murmur-usually an irregular heart beat. A heart murmur can be a sign of bigger problems in the future.
    • Fainting- may occur out of the blue or after a child has been playing
    • Respiratory Problems-trouble breathing or having to take deep breaths often
    • Fatigue-very often a child may not feel well and choose not to go out and play with their friends. Children may often lag behind because they cannot keep up with their friends.
    • Cyanosis is a blueish color that is usually around their lips, toes and fingers. This occurs from lack of blood and oxygen not pumping from the heart.

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